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Namaste and welcome
I’m Carrie

I am a yogi, Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, Blissologist, mystic, lover, traveler and modern day healer. I am passionate about helping people find good energy. Good energy happens when we are in the flow, connected, inspired and filled with purpose. I am activist for your optimal health and wellbeing.

Together we can do amazing things

It’s not all about classes, courses or events, I get that some people want to try things in private or with a group of close friends.  Here is a list of my services.  Find what your looking for, drop me a message and together we will make amazing things happen!

Rejuvenating Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance which moves through you and all around you.  Reiki is administered through a light gentle touch where the practitioner channels the Reiki energy through the hand chakras. Enjoy the stress relieving benefits of Reiki and take your energy into a positive, healthy and peaceful space!

Raindrop Aromatherapy with Reiki Healing Energy

AromaTouch ® is a sequence of 8 CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils which I drop, like raindrops, on your spine.  Feeling frazzled, ungrounded, super stressed or having a FML moment, week, year, lifetime?  A Reiki + AromaTouch treatment is the best medicine for mind/body/spirit rejuvenation.

Yoga Private/Semi Private Lessons:

A yoga private lesson is perfect way to deepen your yoga practice! Enjoy a full hour of hands on assists, and trusted, experienced guidance from your favorite yoga instructor.

Reiki Home Blessing

Feeling funky energy?  You can use Reiki to clear not just your head but also the space around you.  Move old energy out today with a powerful Reiki home blessing!

Train to be a Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master is a joyful journey.  A Reiki course is an excellent opportunity to raise your personal energy vibration, receive healing from Reiki, gain new professional skills and learn how to conduit the maha Reiki love waves!


Here is what Kevin had to say about combining Reiki healing energy and Yin Yoga:

"Thank you for everything you did for me yesterday! Your assistance in my physical rehabilitation is priceless. I only wish I could pay you what you are worth.  Teachers of your caliber should get paid what doctors make and vice versa.  Anyway, I feel amazing today and it will be a great one no doubt!"

Here is what Lisa had to say about attending a Reiki retreat with Carrie:

What an incredible weekend of love, healing and growth.  Carrie is a nurturing teacher with so much knowledge and guidance.  I had an AMAZING time on this retreat; it touched my heart.

Here is what Diana had to say about taking a Reiki Training with Carrie:

Reiki has had such a major and positive impact on my life. I cannot even begin to fully express my gratitude for the short but SO IMPORTANT treatment you helped give me during our practice in class. It shifted something in me, and it has been permanent. It allowed me to fully feel my grief and move forward. I've been doing a lot of distance reiki and using it to help my son relax and fall asleep. My husband, who is the ultimate skeptic in all things said it really helped his back pain. Also, my dog tore a tendon in her leg and I truly feel that the treatments I've given her have helped her avoid the horribly invasive surgery that was recommended by the vet to repair it. She is already running on that leg again and has nearly complete use of it. Not to mention the other benefits to my own spiritual journey which have been substantial.

Here is what Steve had to say after a Reiki treatment:

"Just when I wasn't sure if I could catch another fast ball, curve or wild pitch I got the most rejuvenating Reiki treatment this evening from these hands. Thanks Carrie-game on!"

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